The Importance of Dental Hygiene and Back to School


Ah, the hustle and bustle of back to school…

As your children head into back to school mode, there are many things on the “to do” list before the first day back rolls around.  Such as:

  • Backpack
  • Notebooks
  • Markers, pens, pencils
  • Dental cleaning

Dental cleaning?!?  Yes!  Teeth, gums and proper dental hygiene care are very crucial steps to take before going back to school.

Studies have shown that dental related issues are the primary reason that children are absent from school.  If you help to maintain and stay on top of your child’s oral health care you are setting them up for future success!  There is no age limit when it comes to having a healthy mouth and smile. *

As their first day back to school is swiftly approaching, no matter what grade they are going into, first impressions are always looming in the back of their head.  First impressions are huge!  No one needs to have a big chunk of their morning cereal or stinky breath on their first day back.  If your children’s teeth are well taken care of, brushed and flossed, with clean fresh breath, they will be well on their way to a GREAT first impression!

A friendly smile says a lot about a person.  When your kids have a clean, attractive smile they will exude confidence. When they are feeling confident, they promote a positive sense of self which may help spark a conversation or attract another person’s attention.  They will have a lunch buddy in no time!

Not to mention, those school pictures, that wind up being permanent fixtures in the yearbook (and on your fridge at home)…  Having a dashing smile, your child will hold no regrets when they look back years later and think “Man!  That is one good looking smile!”

If your child is due for a dental cleaning and polish, now is the perfect time to go in for an appointment!  This goes above and beyond the daily standard brushing and flossing.  Afterwards, their teeth will feel AMAZING!  A good dental cleaning will remove all of the tartar buildup that may have accumulated over the past few months.  Any sort of gingivitis will be examined and taken care of.  Since we don’t want any sort of gum disease!  A nice polishing of their teeth will finish up their appointment.  Your child’s teeth will literally be squeaky clean!  There is no better feeling than a smooth fresh tooth surface.

We all get those first-day jitters when going back to school.  It’s completely natural.  But when your child’s  alarm clock goes off the morning of their first day back, they eat their breakfast, gather their belongings, and apply proper oral hygiene, they will have one less thing to worry about before they get to class!  One less worry is a step in the right direction!

So just remember, before your children walk out  the door for their first day if school, make sure they have spent at least two minutes brushing those pearly whites, flossed each and every tooth, and maybe even doing a quick once over with some mouth rinse.  Your child is bound to have a great first day back to school!


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